Mother's Day Card

Ann Bernklau

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Mother's Day Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: For the label on the front, print out the free download on the online Vintage Roses Papers product page.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the left. Cover the card with red pattern. Cut a 5"x2" piece of cream/roses paper, with the dictionary text along the right side. Glue to the card 1" from the bottom. Cut a 5"x1" piece of teal pattern and glue along the bottom of the card.
  2. Print out the free download on the Vintage Roses product page. Cut out the curvy brown/cream label and print a greeting on it. Glue to the card centered, 1 1/4" from the bottom.
  3. Peel off the lady silhouette Dazzle and place just the hat on teal paper. Trim around. Back the bow with cream paper the same way. Cut a tiny piece of gold from the excess gold material on the gold Dazzles sheet and use it to back the earring. Glue the silhouette to teal/cream houndstooth paper. Peel off the oval frame and back the top detail with gold Dazzles material. Back the flower at the bottom with red patter. Place the frame around the lady silhouette and trim around. Foam tape the piece to the card centered, 1 1/4" from the top.
  4. Cut off about 2 1/2" of the butter rose ribbon, trim off excess netting, and adhere it to the left of the oval frame with Zots. Tie a tiny bow of narrow black grosgrain and glue it to the center of the yellow rose ribbon. Tie a small bow of red/black gingham ribbon and glue it at the base of the rose ribbon. Repeat this to the right of the oval frame to make a mirror image of the left.
  5. Place a scalloped gold Dazzles border across the top. Place small and medium gold hearts across the top, below the scalloped border. Place the thick lacy border across the teal strip at the bottom. Place a row of red Jewel Dazzles hearts along the border to complete the look.
  6. For the inside: Cut a 5"x3/4" strip of red texture and glue across card, 1 1/2" from the top. Cut a 5"x1 1/4" strip of cream texture and print a sentiment on it towards the left side. Glue it just below the red strip. Cut a 5"x1" strip of teal pattern and glue just below the cream. Apply a fancy gold border to the red and teal strips as shown.
  7. Back a lady silouette Dazzle with teal pattern for the hat and red Dazzles material for the earring. Glue it to the right of the greeting as shown. Add 2 small red hearts to the left of the greeting. Tie a small bow with black/cream gingham ribbon and attach with Zots below the teal strip, 1/4" from the left.