Olivia & Me Page

Susan Cobb

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Olivia & Me Page
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: The Paper Petal Roller tool makes these roses even easier to make! The slotted end of the tool holds the end of the paper while you're rolling so you can create tight curls. I used the ball end to curve the leaves. You can also vary the size and look of the roses by curling them more tightly or loosely as desired.



  1. Double mat the 7"x5" photo on dark purple cardstock, then lavender, leaving a 1/16" border on each. Chalk the lavender edges with purple chalk. Mat again on pink/purple/green screen paper, leaving a ¼" border. Chalk the edges, then ink the edges brown. Glue the matted photo centered on the purple/pink/green/blue/brown swirls background paper, ½" from the top.
  2. Mat the 4"x2 5/8" photo on dark purple leaving a 1/16" border. Mat on lavender cardstock, leaving a ¼" border at the left side, top and bottom, with a 1 ¼" border at the right side. Glue a ½" strip of pink/purple/green screen paper centered vertically over the right side of the mat. Glue ribbons over the strip, crossed at the center. Glue the ends to the back to secure. Glue the matted photo to the page, 1" from the right side and 1 3/8" from the bottom.
  3. Write or computer print journaling on lavender, trim to a rectangle and mat on dark purple. Glue to the page, ¾" from the left side and 1" from the bottom.
  4. Use the template to trace the following roses on paper or cardstock: two small roses from light purple cardstock, one small ruffled rose from dark purple cardstock, one medium ruffled rose from lavender cardstock, one full rose from purple/pink/green tiles paper, and one full rose from pink/purple/green screen paper. Remove the template and cut each design on the lines. Chalk the outer edges along each spiral (except the small dark purple ruffled rose) with purple chalk. Place the outer edge of the paper or cardstock spiral inside the slot of the petal roller, then roll the spiral as directed on the template. Use Zots to secure.
  5. Trace and cut out 3 large and 3 small leaves from green/blue/yellow patterned paper. Ink the edges brown, then use the ball end of the petal roller tool to add curves to the ends of the leaves by rolling it against the back of the paper.
  6. Arrange roses and leaves overlapping lower left side of the large photo, and over the crossed ribbons on the smaller photo mat. Ink the edges of the green velvet leaves and glue in place as shown. Add ribbon knots and lavender Ice Rox, as shown.