Creativity Collage on Canvas

Susan Cobb

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Creativity Collage on Canvas
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: This decorated canvas would make a great gift for a creative friend, or to hang in your crafting room at home.



  1. 1) Use the stippling brush to ink 1" around the outside edges of the canvas with grape jelly ink, then timber brown ink at the very edge. Cut a 10"x8" rectangle from green/purple/pink/brown collage paper. Tear 1" from the left side and across the top, then glue centered to the canvas.
  2. 2) Use the stippling brush to ink one large and one small doily with grape jelly ink, and one large doily with the lilac posies ink. To create the lace envelope, fold the lilac posies doily in at the sides, then up from the bottom and fold the top down overlapping the bottom flap at the center. glue together, then use the stippling brush across the top flap with grape jelly ink. Glue sheer brown ribbon across the top flap of the envelope.
  3. 3) Cut a 4" section of the grape jelly inked large doily, then use the ink pad to ink over it with Timber brown ink. Cut out two circles from the remaining portion of the large doily and ink over them with timber brown as well. Cut two flower/swirl pieces from remaining portion of the large doily. Glue the 4" timber brown inked piece of doily to the upper left corner of the canvas overlapping the collage paper. Tear a 2 ½" square from green patterned paper and glue angled to the canvas, overlapping the 4" piece of doily as shown.
  4. 4) Tear or cut out words and quotes as shown. Ink edges brown on some pieces, add inks with stippling brush or directly with the ink pad. Glue pieces to the canvas as shown. Add sheer brown ribbon along the left edge of "remember to play." Glue grape jelly inked small doily to the upper right portion of the canvas.
  5. 5) Chalk the Artisan Elements frame with pink chalk, then add purple chalk over the design. Place the frame over "Painting is silent poetry" quote, trimming edges even with the frame. Chalk over the letters in the words. Attach the frame with quote to the left side of the canvas as shown.
  6. 6) Stamp the letters to spell "CREATE" with timber brown ink across the Artisan Elements shape. chalk the edges of the shape pink plus purple, then chalk over the stamped letters with pink, purple, or green chalks. Attach the shape centered on the small doily.
  7. 7) Use the sanding block to sand over the top of each charm. Chalk over "idea" and ink over "inspire". Glue the charms in place as shown. Glue the inked doily cut-out pieces to corners and overlapping the charms as shown. Ink the white vine ribbon with sweet plum ink and Zot to the canvas as shown. Zot knotted ribbon near "remember to play".