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Teacup & Teabag

Ann Bernklau

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Teacup & Teabag
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: . Score fold lines by placing a ruler along the line and running along it with your craft pick or the back of your pen knife. This helps make folding a lot sharper and easier. If you're using foil board, scoring fold lines is essential. . The Fancy a Cuppa stamps are perfect for decorating the items from the template.



  1. Tea Cup
  2. Follow the template instructions to make a teacup, saucer & handle, spoon, and tag out of the Flourish Stripe foil paper. Ink the inside of the teacup and saucer using a cosmetic wedge and silver StazOn®.
  3. Make a small teabag out of vellum, write a greeting on it with permanent marker, and make a dot border around the edge. Poke a hole in the top of the teabag with your craft pick. Poke a hole in the accompanying tag. Cut one 6" strand of the fuchsia blend Color Infusions Sparklers and thread it through the tag. Tie in a knot. Tie the other end in a knot through the teabag.
  4. Create the Tea Top out of bronze glimmer paper and place inside your teacup.
  5. Tea Bag Card
  6. Make the Teabag Envelope and Tag out of Flourish Stripe, according to the template instructions. Use the 1/2" double-sided adhesive tape to stick down the tabs of the envelope.
  7. Make the Teabag Card out of white cardstock. Stamp "Fancy a cuppa tea" on the front in black and add a swirl at the top and bottom. Color in the stamps with colored markers as shown. Tie 10" of pink sheer ribbon around the Teabag Envelope and tie in a knot. Trim the ends. Stamp a tiny teabag with black StazOn® onto the small Tag. Use the same technique as before to attach the tag to the teabag card with the fuchsia sparklers.
  8. To close the envelope, place the teabag card inside the teabag envelope and insert the closure flap into the slot. Use a Zot if needed, to attach the ribbon to the back of the envelope.