"Have a great trip" Card

Susan Cobb

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"Have a great trip" Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Mask off the areas of the stencil, while working with the separate colors of paint. Dry the paint quickly with a hair dryer between colors.



  1. 1) With the card fold at the top, cover the card front with lavender/aqua/blue color blocked paper with the border at the left side. Ink the edges black.
  2. 2) Glue coral ribbon along left side of the striped border, trimming edges evenly. Foam tape "sun" and "sea" overlapping the striped border and ribbon. Write or computer print "have a great trip!" on the tag, add a white brad, and glue angled overlapping the border and ribbon as shown.
  3. 3) Place the stencil on lavender cardstock, trace around the edges with a pencil, then tape the edges with stencil tape. Apply stencil tape over the mermaid design openings to cover all but the lower body of the mermaid. Use the squeegie to apply aqua paint across the opening of the mermaid lower body. Carefully lift the tape at the edges and remove the stencil. Wipe off the back of the stencil with a damp paper towel and set aside. Use the hairdryer to quickly dry the paint.
  4. 4) Replace the stencil and this time lightly mask over the mermaid body with stencil tape. Remove the tape covering the face, arms, and star fish at the bottom. Add peaches paint to these area as you did for the lower body in step #2. Dry the paint, re-tape the painted area, and remove the tape from the remaining areas of the hair, starfish, and shells. Add purple paint to these areas. Dry the paint, then trim edges along your pencil lines.
  5. 5) Mat on white cardstock leaving a 1/16" border. Ink the edges black and mat again on teal textured paper leaving a ¼" border. Ink the edges. Tie ribbon around the bottom of the piece, then glue centered to the right side of the card front.