Enchanted Mother's Day Pail

Ann Bernklau

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Enchanted Mother's Day Pail
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: I attached the metal flowers with a combination of foam tape, Zots, and Tacky Glue.



  1. Cut two 12"x3" strips of multi-stripe and tape together to make one long strip. Roll and place inside the bottom of the pail. Use a Zot or two to attach to the clear pail. Repeat this with two 1 3/4" wide strips of purple dot and attach above the multi-stripe. Then two 2 1/4" wide strips of light blue (avoiding the floral corner embellishment) attach above the purple dot.
  2. Cut 21" of the blue sheer wired ribbon and wrap it around the pail where the purple dot and the multi-stripe papers meet. Zot the ribbon to the pail every few inches, overlapping the ends with an extra Zot.
  3. Trim 10" of the crystals and lace and place over the blue part of the pail, 1/2" from the top rim. Stack the metal flowers as shown to create three flowers; use Zots, and foam tape, or if needed, Tacky glue. Glue the largest flower to the center of the blue sheer wired ribbon and the smaller flowers on each side. Tie 2 small bows with the blue sheer swirl ribbon and Zot below each of the smaller flowers. Tie a slightly larger bow with purple crepe ribbon and Zot underneath the large flower.
  4. For the lid: Cut a 5 1/2" circle from purple dot by either using a compass or tracing the lid and cutting a circle 1/2" inside of the traced lid. Place a 2" wide blue strip across the circle 1 1/2" from the top and trim off the excess paper. Print "Happy Mother's Day on the blue strip. Glue multi-stripe paper below the blue strip and trim off the excess. Place the velvet frilly ribbon across the "seams" of the papers, trimming to fit. Glue the circle to the lid of the pail. Add a purple crepe bow just below the word "Day."
  5. For the handle: Cut four 3" lengths of each of the following: narrow light blue grosgrain ribbon, sheer cream dot ribbon, and sparkly lavender twill ribbon. Tie evenly spaced knot of the light blue ribbon along the handle. Repeat with the cream and lavender ribbons, creating a pattern.