Pergamano Thank You Card

Ann Bernklau

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Pergamano Thank You Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: Always mask off unused areas of the stencil with stencil tape to eliminate confusion. Also, tape the parchment to the stencil (or vice versa) to hold in place while perforating/embossing.



  1. Trim card to a 5" square, then cover with purple texture paper. Cut out a 2 7/8" square of white cardstock and glue to the center.
  2. Take the multi-grid stencil and place stencil tape over the areas surrounding the floral square frame. Tape the stencil to parchment and place over the perforating mat. Pierce all tiny holes with the perforating tool. Turn the parchment and stencil over and use an embossing stylus to emboss all the flowers and larger dots.
  3. Stamp on the front of the parchment, then color the design on the back. Take a piece of scrap paper and color a small area thickly with purple crayon. Take the blending pen and dip it in the dorso oil, rub it in the colored area, then apply to the stamped image, filling in the image while blending colors. After coloring, you can emboss parts of the design, which will turn white as you emboss them.
  4. Glue the parchment to the center of the card. Write "thank you" around the border with the white pen.
  5. Inside the card: Cut a 3"x1 1/4" piece of purple texture. Place it in the center and trace around it with a pencil. Remove the piece and stamp a black flourish around the traced rectangle. Erase the pencil lines. Glue the purple piece back in place. Draw white dots around the border and write a greeting in the center.