Fun In The Pool Page

Ann Bernklau

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Fun In The Pool Page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: The template instructions say to use Zots to hold your flowers together, but I found that applying a ring of Tacky Glue to a small circle of paper, placing the flower on top (centered), and weighing it down until dry makes it very secure. After it's dry, Zots work great to adhere the flower to your project.



  1. Start with the light blue flowers paper with the flowers on the bottom left. Mat a 4"x6" photo onto orange paper, leaving a 1/8" border. Ink the edges black and glue to the page tilted, ½" from the top and right edge. Mat a 2 ½"x4" photo onto pink dots, leaving a 1/8" border. Ink the edges and glue to the page tilted, 3/4" from the top and 4 ½" from the right. Mat a 4"x2 ½" photo onto green floral, leaving a 1/8" border. Ink the edges and glue to the page tilted, 3/4" from the right and 3 ½" from the bottom. Mat a 2 3/4" square photo onto small floral print, leaving a 1/8" border. Ink the edges and glue to the page tilted, 4 ½" from the right and bottom.
  2. Journal a title onto a small pink label and glue to the page 1" from the top and 2 ½" from the left. Journal a caption onto the light blue label and glue to the page 2" from the right and 1 ½" from the bottom.
  3. For the flowers: Take the orange paper and cut a 2" strip off of the side with the yellow border. Turn the strip over to the white side; making sure the yellow border is along the bottom. Starting at the left, trace the Lacy flower strip. Make small tick marks where the fold lines will be: one in the middle of each petal and one between each petal. Slide the template to the right and trace a second shape right next to the first, overlapping the tab on the first shape. This eliminates the need to glue 2 separate shapes together since they're already connected on one piece. Make tick marks for the folds.
  4. Use a metal-edged ruler and the back of your pen knife to score along those folds you've just marked. Then, use a pen knife to cut out the holes in the petals. For a quick fix, you can use a hole punch for a different look. Cut along the outside line of the flower strip. Turn the strip over to view the orange side. Starting on the end without the tab, make a valley fold on the first fold line. Fold the rest accordion-style. Glue the tab over the first petal, making a continuous loop.
  5. Get a small weight such as a paperback book and set it aside. Cut a small circle of paper (any paper) about 3/4" in diameter (doesn't have to be a perfect circle). Apply a ring of Tacky glue onto the circle. Take the flower by the petal edges and "pop" in the center so it is flat and looks like a flower. With both hands holding the flower so it doesn't "pop" back out, place the flower centered on the glue and place one finger over the center of the flower, holding it down. You can carefully adjust the flower so it has a very tight center or one that's a little bigger, but don't take your finger off the flower because it will "pop" back to its original shape. Hold the flower there for about 30 seconds with your finger, then place the weight on it to let it dry completely (drying time varies with how much glue you've applied).
  6. Meanwhile, make a Lenora flower out of green floral, using the exact same method. Make a Justine flower out of pink dots, using the same method except make the first fold a mountain fold.
  7. Use Zots to attach the orange flower to the large flower on the background paper. Zot a small pink button onto its center. Use a Zot to glue the green floral flower 3 3/4" from the left and 2 1/4" from the bottom. Zot a small orange button to its center. Take a yellow swirl brad and insert it into the center of the pink flower. You may need to pre-poke your holes with a craft pick. Glue the flower between the orange and green flowers, over the pink flower printed on the background paper.
  8. Use the template to make a folded flower center out of small floral and one out of pink dots. Place a small Zot in the center before folding in the petals to keep them in place. Ink the edges with a black marker. Insert an orange swirl brad into the small floral flower center and Zot it to the page ½" from the top and 3 1/4" from the right. Insert a yellow swirl brad into the pink dots flower center and Zot to page at the bottom left corner of the light blue label.
  9. Tie small bows of green/white polka dot ribbon and hot pink crepe ribbon. Glue the green bow below the center of the pink label and the pink bow at the bottom right corner of the light blue label.