Blue Circle Pendant Necklace

Ann Bernklau

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Blue Circle Pendant Necklace
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: . IMPORTANT: read all the directions and tips on the shrink film packaging before beginning the project. The shrinking technique may require some trial and error, but the package comes with plenty to work with. . The shrink film will curl up in the heat, then it will slowly uncurl and lay flat. When it lies completely flat, it is done. If it stays slightly curled, you can flatten it with a pad of paper or similar object while it is still hot out of the oven. If it stays in the oven too long or too little, it can get distorted and harden that way. . The alcohol ink will appear many shades darker once the piece has shrunk because it will be more concentrated. . I wrapped tape around the end of my ribbon to create a "needle" on which to string my beads. If the needle is too short, you can use a craft pick or toothpick to help push it through the bead.



  1. Take a sheet of shrink film and sand one side with fine sandpaper in a diagonal direction, then rotate the sheet and sand in a perpendicular direction. Keep sanding until the whole sheet has a frosted look to it. Wipe the sheet and your work area with a damp paper towel to clean off the sanded residue. Flip the sheet over so the glossy side is up. Place the tag template onto the shrink film and trace around the largest circle shape (3 1/4" in diameter) with a fine tip permanent marker. Cut out, trimming off the black line. Punch 1/4" holes at the top and bottom of the circle, 1/8" in from the edges.
  2. Pre-heat your oven to 350(F.
  3. Place a felt pad onto your alcohol ink applicator. Drop a few drops of cloud ink onto the felt and swipe all over the circle tag, only on the sanded side. The ink will be very faint, but will get darker once it shrinks. When the alcohol ink is dry, place the large Agapanthus stamp onto your acrylic block and stamp with Jet Black StazOn® onto the center of the tag. When the StazOn® is dry, place the piece glossy side up onto medium weight cardboard, parchment paper, or vellum over a baking sheet. Do not place on bare metal or stoneware (it will stick). Follow instructions on the packaging to bake your shrink film.
  4. While the piece is cooling, make the paper beads. Follow the directions on the Bead Maker Template to make 4 long and skinny beads: 2 iridescent green and 2 iridescent blue.
  5. Once the shrink film piece is cool, use the alcohol ink applicator to ink the edges of the piece with Silver Mixatives.
  6. Use the pliers to twist open a charm clip and insert into the bottom hole. Before closing the ring, add a silver chain tassel to the ring. Take a charm clip and open the small loop by twisting it with pliers. Place it in the top hole and close the loop. Now your beads and charms are ready to string.
  7. Take the 36" narrow sheer green ribbon from Nonna's Garden ribbons. Wrap one end with Scotch tape to make a stiff "needle" to string your beads on. String on one blue bead a little past the center of the ribbon and tie a knot in the ribbon after the bead. String on a green bead and the circle charm (tie a knot around charm clip if desired, or let hang on its own). String on the second green bead, tie a knot in the ribbon, then string on the last blue bead. Measure how long you want your necklace to be and tie the ends of the ribbon in a knot accordingly. Trim excess ribbon.