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It's Your Birthday Spritz Card

Susan Cobb

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It's Your Birthday Spritz Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: When spritzing the rose, be sure to turn it to so you add the color evenly. You may also want to prop it up with paper towels so you can spritz inside the folds of the rose and the sides near the bottom.



  1. 1) With the card fold at the top, cover the card front with yellow crinkle cardstock. Place the border mask vertically on the card front, ¾" from the right side. Spritz over the mask with carrot cake Smooch, then cosmic pink smooch. Remove the mask and repeat for the left side of the card front, ¾" from the left edge. Remove the mask, then lightly spritz citrus tickle smooch randomly over the card front.
  2. 2) Spritz the rose with carrot cake, then cosmic pink, and let dry.
  3. 3) Glue ribbon along the left side of the left spritzed border and Zot a bow as shown.
  4. 4) Write or computer print "It's your birthday" on yellow crinkle cardstock, trim to a rectangle and edge with carrot cake ink using a paper towel or cosmetic sponge. Glue centered to the lower card front. Zot the rose centered between the two spritzed borders.