Purple Roses Birthday Pail

Ann Bernklau

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Purple Roses Birthday Pail
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: I cut pieces of the extra crystals to embellish the lid of the pail.



  1. Cut a 12"x2 1/2" strip of green pattern paper and place inside the pail. Tape or Zot in place. Download the Bountiful tags and labels from the Bountiful papers product page. Print out a small label and print "Happy Birthday" on it. Adhere to the front center of the pail with the Click 'n' Stick Mounting squares.
  2. Apply the velvet self-adhesive ribbon along the top edge of the pail. Cut off the crystal design from the purple lace and adhere along the bottom edge. Trim off one of the left over pearl designs and attach it to the right of the label. Zot a white/purple rose and a purple pebble with crystals to the left of the label as shown.
  3. For the lid: Place the lid on the back of the green paper and trace around. Cut out and trim if needed to fit the lid. Adhere the green paper to the lid with mounting squares. Adhere two pebbles and two roses as shown, using Zots. Trim some of the left over crystal swirls and add them to the lid as shown.
  4. Tie a small piece of purple crepe ribbon in a bow on the right side of the handle. Leave it loose, or Zot in place.