Thinking of You Card

Susan Cobb

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Thinking of You Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip:



  1. 1) Turn the card so the fold is at the top and cover the front with lavender cardstock. Glue a 6 ¼" x 4 ¼" ivory/pink/lavender striped rectangle centered across the card front with the stripes horizontal.
  2. 2) Cut a 4" ivory cardstock square and stamp the center with the floral wreath image. Stamp the floral border image around the outside edges as shown. Stamp the small floral motif centered inside the wreath. Mat on pink cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Glue centered over the striped paper on the card front. For the lavender frame, cut a 2 ½" lavender square. Cut a 2 ¼" lavender square and place it centered on the larger square. Trace around the smaller square with a pencil, then remove it and cut out the drawn square. Glue the resulting frame to the stamped ivory square, with the stamped wreath at the center of the frame.
  3. 3) Empty the Fuchsia Flower Soft into a container and break up any lumps. Add small dots of Flower Soft Glue to the stamped images (flower centers, plus randomly along the border, wreath, and center floral motif), sprinkle with the Flower Soft, then tap off the excess. For best results, work a small area at a time. Let dry.
  4. 4) Zot a ribbon bow near the bottom of the wreath. Write or computer print "thinking of you" on lavender cardstock, cut into a tag shape and ink the edges brown. Tuck the edge beneath the ribbon and glue in place.
  5. 5) Inside the card: Mat a 6 ½" x 1 ¼" striped paper rectangle on pink cardstock and glue centered across the inside. Write or computer print "on this beautiful day" on lavender cardstock. Trim to a tag and ink the edges. Stamp the small floral motif on the left side of the tag and glue angled to the inside. Add glue and Flower Soft to the stamped image as for the front. Let dry. Zot ribbon as shown.