Expect Miracles Necklace

Ann Bernklau

Get the supplies needed to make this project with the ¾"x1 ½" Glass Tiles ¾"x1½" Glass Tiles and the Vintage Easy Peasy Vintage Easy Peasy Jewelry.

Expect Miracles Necklace
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Sealing over the paper art with Crystal Lacquer ensures that it will be protected when worn. Crystal Lacquer attaches the bail and seals the piece at the same time. Make sure to let it dry completely before handling.



  1. Cut out the "Expect Miracles" tree art from the Vintage Easy Peasy and trim to the size of the pendant. Apply an even layer of Crystal Lacquer onto the back of the glass tile and place the art over it. Let dry completely.
  2. Apply another layer of Crystal Lacquer over the paper to seal it. Glue the bail at the top with Crystal Lacquer and let dry completely (overnight is best).
  3. String the satin cord through the bail to complete the necklace.