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Pink Crystal Swirls Necklace

Ann Bernklau

Get the supplies needed to make this project with the ¾"x1 ½" Glass Tiles ¾"x1½" Glass Tiles and the Pink Silver Swirls Light Pink & Silver Crystal Swirls.

Pink Crystal Swirls Necklace
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: . If you want to make sure the alcohol ink doesn't accidentally get scratched off over time, apply an even layer of Crystal Lacquer over it and let dry completely. . Act quickly when dabbing the applicator onto the tile; if you keep dabbing too much, you lose the mottled effect. . The glass tile does have a front and a back side. The edges on the front are smoother, and the back surface is more flat.



  1. Place the glass tile onto your craft sheet. Place 3 drops of Watermelon and 3 drops of Silver Mixative alcohol ink onto the tile and dab with an alcohol ink applicator until the back surface is covered. Let dry completely, about 30 minutes.
  2. Turn over and trim the pink/silver crystal design to fit on the tile; apply it to the tile.
  3. On the back, glue the bail at the top with Crystal Lacquer and let dry completely (overnight is best).
  4. String the satin cord through the bail to complete the necklace.