Butterflies Circle Glass Tile Pendant

Ann Bernklau

Get the supplies needed to make this project with the 15/16" Circle Glass Tiles 15/16" Round Glass Tiles and the Vintage Easy Peasy Vintage Easy Peasy Jewelry.

Butterflies Circle Glass Tile Pendant
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: This is the easiest jewelry to make, thanks to Easy Peasy. There are dozens of styles to choose from to make your own custom jewelry, or you could even use your own photo.



  1. Place the tile back side up on your work surface. Cut out the butterfly art from the Vintage Easy Peasy. Trim to fit on the back of the tile. Apply an even coat of crystal lacquer on the back of the tile, then place the art onto the tile, image face down.
  2. Let dry several hours. Apply a coat of crystal lacquer over the piece to seal it.
  3. Attach a bail at the top with crystal lacquer and let dry completely.
  4. String the satin cord through the pendant to complete your necklace.