Happy Anniversary Card

LeNae Gerig

Get the stickers needed to make this project with the Double-Stick Heart Dazzles( Double-Stick Heart Dazzles™ and the Stitched Heart Dazzles( Gold Stitched Hearts Dazzles™.

Happy Anniversary Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Adhering the unstitched Dazzles( over the glittered Double Stitch Dazzles( is a wonderful way to keep your glitter under control. Once sealed under the clear Dazzles( the glitter is contained and not nearly as messy.



  1. Place the card fold on the left. Cover the card with black textured paper. Glue a 4 ¾"x6 ¼" rectangle of black diamond paper to the card center.
  2. Print "Happy Anniversary" on a 4"x5 ¼" rectangle of gray clock paper and ink the edges. Glue to the left side of the card. Place a large open center Double-Stick Heart Dazzle above the greeting and sprinkle with silver glitter. Use fingertips to rub glitter into the adhesive. Tap off excess glitter and return to the glitter container. Place the inner heart on the plastic sheet from the packaging and apply red glitter. Peel the heart and place in the center of the silver heart. Place a large unstitched Stitched Heart Dazzle over the top of the glitter heart. Press over the surface with fingertips to adhere well.
  3. Border: Peel heart border from Stitched Heart Dazzles backing sheet and place up-side-down on desk top. Peel small hearts from the Double-Stick sheet and apply silver glitter to the surface. Place glittered hearts onto the back of the 3 largest hearts on the border. Trim the border to 5 ¼" long and adhere to the right side of the card over the diamond paper. Glue a knotted length of black ribbon across the top of the clock paper.
  4. Inside the card: Mat a 1"x6 ½" length of black diamond paper onto a 2"x 6 ½" strip of clock paper and glue next to the fold on the inside back. Place 3 small glittered hearts to the 3 diamonds at the center of the border. Cover the glittered hearts with 3 unstitched Dazzles( hearts. Repeat for a small red heart on the bottom of the clock cut-out tag. Glue the tag to the top of the border. Top with a knotted ribbon length.