Jeweled Necklace

Ann Bernklau

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Jeweled Necklace
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: I used two thick layers of Shell Pink alcohol ink to get the deep orange hue. I let the ink dry after each application (usually a few hours). I applied the ink by dropping it directly onto the back of the tile, covering the surface (but not letting it drip down the sides—easily remedied with a Q-tip).



  1. Place the tile back side up on your craft sheet. Apply shell pink alcohol ink to the back, spreading around several drops until it fills the surface. Add a few more drops for a deeper hue. Let dry for a couple hours; do not blow on the alcohol ink, this will affect how it dries. Apply a second coat of ink and let dry.
  2. Take an alcohol ink applicator with felt pad and squeeze some Silver Mixative onto it. Dab the Silver Mixative all over the back of the tile, covering the orange color. Let dry several hours.
  3. Also on the back of the tile, attach a bail at the top with Crystal Lacquer and let dry completely (several hours or overnight). Turn the tile over to the front side and apply the pink/orange flower crystal design.
  4. String the satin cord through the bail to complete your necklace.