Etched Flower Pendant

Ann Bernklau

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Etched Flower Pendant
By Ann Bernklau

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  1. Place the small flower Dazzle™ onto the front of the tile. Press down on the stickers so every part is adhered firmly. Brush a thick coat of etching cream onto the front of the tile. Rinse off after 10 minutes; if it hasn’t etched, apply another coat and repeat. Let dry.
  2. Apply a thin, even coat of Crystal lacquer on the back of the tile and place the paper face down onto the wet lacquer. Let dry completely (several hours; overnight recommended). If the paper starts to curl, turn the piece over to dry. If the lacquer comes out the sides, wipe off with a Q-tip. Trace amounts of stray lacquer can be scraped off after it has dried.
  3. Once dry, apply a coat of lacquer over the paper. Attach the metal bail at the top with the lacquer and let dry completely.
  4. String the satin cord through the pendant to complete your necklace.