Thank you card

Susan Cobb

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Thank you card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I backed 3 sizes of lace medallion stickers with contrasting papers, and then layered them with foam tape to create a flower-placed on a decorative swirl on the background paper; the swirl becomes a flower stem. I covered the upper right corner with a portion of the square paper doily, and then decorated it with paper, ribbon, and stickers. I used a knife to cut around a lace motif in the background paper, then tucked the word block beneath it for a different look.



  1. Cut a 5" x 6 ½" vertical rectangle from aqua/pink/tan/red lace paper, with the large swirls corner at the lower left. Use your knife to cut along the edge of the tan lace motif, starting with the pink flower and including two scallops above the flower. With the card fold at the left, glue the rectangle even with the card front (but do not glue the cut area along the lace motif). Place a square doily overlapping 2 ¾" from the upper right corner of the card front. Trim edges evenly with the card.
  2. Back a 2" and a ½" lace medallion sticker each with red paper and trim close to the edges. Back a 1 ½" lace medallion sticker with golden yellow cardstock, trimming edges evenly. Stack the medallions from large on the bottom to small on top with foam tape and glue to the card front above the swirls as shown.
  3. Glue a 1" strip of striped paper across the paper doily as shown. Add border stickers to striped paper and along the bottom of the card front. Write or computer print "thank you" on golden yellow cardstock, trim to a rectangle and mat on red. Tuck the edge of the word block beneath the cut area of the lace motif, then glue in place. Cut a piece of border sticker to fit at the end of the word block and add as shown. Back lace corner sticker on red paper. Trim evenly around the edges and glue to the striped paper over the paper doily. Add ribbons as shown.
  4. Glue a 5" x 3 ½" aqua/lace rectangle from remaining paper centered on the inside. Cut a pink lace strip from striped paper and glue along the top edge of the rectangle. Cut a 4 ½" x 2 3/8" corner of the paper doily and glue even with the top of the rectangle. Cut a red lace strip from the striped paper and glue across the paper doily and aqua paper. Glue pink ribbon even with the bottom of the rectangle. Back a border sticker and lace corner sticker with red paper, trimming close to the edges. Glue border beneath the bottom edge of the pink ribbon. Glue the backed lace corner centered over the border sticker as shown. Write or computer print message on golden yellow cardstock and trim to a rectangle. Mat on red and glue centered overlapping the paper doily and striped paper strip as shown.