Lilies Sympathy card

Ann Bernklau

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Lilies Sympathy card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: . The Dazzles look fabulous when filled in with Smooch inks. If you accidentally color on the lines, wipe it off with a Q-tip. Make sure you wait for the ink to dry before you handle the card and between coats. If you get stray ink on your paper, you can wait for it to dry, then very gently scrape it off with an X-acto blade (works on our printed papers). . Attach ribbons easily with Zot.



  1. With the fold on the top, cover the card with light blue with the lace along the top and left sides. Glue 1" wide strips of striped paper along both the left and right sides. Glue a 4 1/2"x7/8" strip of red along the bottom center.
  2. Place the large lily arrangement on the card 1 1/2" from the left and 1/4" from the top. Fill in with Moonlight, Lettuce, and Siren Smooch inks. The white ink may need a few coats to become completely opaque. Place "With Deepest Sympathy" to the right of the arrangement, with Sympathy overlapping the bottom red strip. Place a length of gold lace border along the bottom of the red strip, trimming to fit. Place a heart above the greeting as shown, and fill in with Siren Smooch ink.
  3. Place 5" of Zips down the center of the striped strip on the left side. Tie a knot with 6" of red sheer swirl ribbon and adhere to the Zips, with the knot in the center. Repeat this for the right side.
  4. For the inside: Cover the inside panel with red paper with the lace border along the top. Back a floral bunch Dazzle with pink patterned paper and color the lilies in with Moonlight Smooch ink. Glue to the card 3/4" from the left and 1" from the bottom. Place "Cherish & Remember" to the right of the flowers as shown. Adhere a small knot of sheer white swirl ribbon beneath the words, attaching it with Zips.