Snowflakes page

Ann Bernklau

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Snowflakes page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: . The stylus and blending tips are great for coloring in the template. . Fluid Chalk inkpads work surprisingly well on the silver linen foil paper. . The dotted vellum offsets the metallic background and creates a perfect area for journaling.



  1. Place the template over the silver linen paper and place a paperclip on each side to hold in place (avoid clipping over the snowflakes). With the stylus and blending tips, ink the all the snowflakes with a dabbing motion, using Ocean ink. Rub in the ink a little and apply another layer if you want a darker shade. Remove the template, rotate it 180 degrees and clip it to the page again. This time dab lightly on all the snowflakes to achieve a lighter shade. Remove the template and color in some snowflakes around the edge of the paper.
  2. Use a different blending tip to color in some large snowflakes around the page with Blackberry ink. Let the page dry until the ink doesn't smudge when touched.
  3. Ink the edges of a 7"x5" photo with Blackberry ink using the blending tip. Mat on white cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Cut an 8 1/4"x8 1/2" piece of dots vellum. Print a caption on the bottom 2 1/4" of the vellum. Ink the edges of the vellum with Ocean using the blending tip. Glue the vellum to the page 1 3/4" from the top and 1" from the right. Glue the photo over the vellum above the journaling.
  4. Add 5 silver mini snowflake brad buddies scattered around the vellum and photo as shown.