Christmas Recipe Book

Lodell Halvorson

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Christmas Recipe Book
By Lodell Halvorson

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Designer's Tip: Use circle punches for backing small sections of Dazzles( (candy canes, borders, etc.).



  1. For the cover: Use StazOn inkpad to sponge ink around edges of the binder. Cut green/striped paper to 7 3/8" x 5" and glue to the binder with stripes on the left edge. Sponge ink around edges. Cut out letters from Christmas papers to spell "Recipes" and glue over striped section of paper. Line 2 sides of letters with black border. Place stitching border along the edge between the green and striped paper.
  2. Back Dazzles( with paper and glue to the cover with the gingerbread house near the bottom. Foam tape the gingerbread girl to the cover. Place "Holiday" Dazzle( near the top and glue the felt "Joy" to the right. Glue the holly below "Joy". Insert memory thread in red button and tie a bow, then Zot( button to the holly.
  3. Twist red and white metallic ribbon together to resemble a candy cane and tie around the left side of the binder.
  4. For the dividers: Cover dividers with tan, red and green papers. Ink around edges. Use ¼" punch to create holes for the binder. Cut red paper to 2 ½" x 2". Place white swirl border on the top and bottom edges and ink around edges. Glue to the "Cookies" divider, 1 ½" from the top. Cut white paper to 1 ¾" x 1 ¼" and ink around edges. Glue felt gingerbread man to the white paper and foam tape to the red paper. Zot( 2 buttons to the front with green memory thread.
  5. Back Dazzles( with paper and place around the gingerbread man. Place "Cookies" above gingerbread man. Place candy cane borders along the top and bottom of the divider, and add stars, gumdrops and candy cane to the paper.