Snowglobe Ornament

LeNae Gerig

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Snowglobe Ornament
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: 3 layers of foam tape on the front and back of the stamped image keep the snow globe in an up right position inside the ornament. The Flower Soft "snow" covers the layers of tape. Washing the plastic ball ornament with soap and warm water and drying thoroughly will help with the static cling and the snow.



  1. Stamp the snow globe image onto blue paper using the Watermark stamp pad. Emboss white. Stamp again onto white, lime and purple cardstocks and emboss black. Cut out the blue snow globe, the white snowman, purple hat and lime scarf. Glue the white snowman over the snowman inside the snow globe. Foam tape the purple hat to the head and glue the lime scarf around the neck.
  2. Apply red Stickles to the snowman's cheeks and heart. Color the carrot nose with orange and the center of the snowflakes with Mermaid. Let dry.
  3. Place 3 small layers of foam tape on the bottom inside edge of both the front and back of the ornament. Adhere the base of the snow globe to the foam tape. Place a heaping tablespoon of white Flower Soft inside the ball before closing.
  4. Adhere the silver Dazzles( border around the ball seam. Adhere tiny snowflake stickers to the ball front, while not obstructing the view of the image inside. Apply Mermaid Stickles to the center of the snowflakes and along the border. Let dry.
  5. Thread the ornament hanger with a 4" length of thread and twist the ends to secure. Use the Thread to make a bow with 2 loops on each side. Secure the center of the loops by wrapping thread around the center. Clip the end off the cotton swab and wrap the bow tails around the stick to make a tight coil. Glue the bow to the front of the ornament hanger.