Domino necklace

Susan Cobb

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Domino necklace
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: After adding alcohol inks to the domino, I dabbed with a paper towel to create an interesting textured pattern in the ink. Foam tape works well to hold the domino in place while stamping. I colored the gold bail with copper ink to coordinate with the pendant.



  1. Place 1 drop of currant ink and 1 drop of copper ink near the center of the domino. Place one drop of meadow ink at each end. Use a folded paper towel to dab the ink on the domino, to spread the ink and add texture. Ink the sides with copper ink. Let dry. Stamp the words and swirls image angled across the top of the inked domino with jet black St?zOn ink. Stamp the bird image across the center, then stamp the swirl image across the bottom. Let dry.
  2. Cover the back with pink/tan roses paper, trimming edges evenly with the domino. Ink edges of the paper brown. Ink the bail with copper ink and let dry. Apply an even layer of crystal lacquer over the paper, then place the bail centered on the top edge and let dry flat. Thread ribbon through the opening in the bail and tie.