Kayla, Dena, and me

Susan Cobb

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Kayla, Dena, and me
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I folded a square paper doily into a pocket, and added a photo inside. I inked the front flap pink (with Spun Sugar distress ink), then backed it with red paper. Aqua ribbon and a lace heart sticker backed with aqua cardstock add pretty contrasting detail to the front. I cut a square paper doily in half diagonally, then inked it pink and decorated with stickers backed with paper and ribbon. I added the decorated doily to the right side of the page, where the angles lead to the center photo and draw attention to it.



  1. Turn the red paper with the aqua/pink/white lace border across the top. Cut a square doily in half diagonally. Ink one piece with Spun Sugar distress ink, and set the remaining piece aside for another project. Glue the paper doily half even with the right side of the page. Mat the 4 ¼" square photo on aqua cardstock, leaving a ¼" border. Glue to the page, overlapping the corner of the lace doily, 4" from the bottom and 3 ¼" from the right edge. Mat the 4 ¼" x 2 ¾" photo on aqua cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Glue centered beneath the square photo.
  2. Turn the second paper doily on point and place on your work surface. Fold the sides in so they overlap, and the resulting rectangle is 3 ½" wide. Fold the point and tuck it under at the center and glue in place. Fold the bottom up 3". Fold the top down 4", overlapping the bottom flap. Ink the top flap with Spun Sugar distress ink, then back it with red paper and trim edges leaving a thin border. Mat 2" x 3" photo on aqua and glue inside the pocket. Add border sticker along the edge, ¾" from the top. Wrap with ribbon as shown. Back a 1" lace heart sticker with aqua cardstock and trim leaving a thin border. Glue to front of pocket as shown. Glue to the left side of the page, 1 ¼" from the bottom.
  3. Back three 1" lace heart stickers on red and/or aqua paper as shown, and glue to the paper doily. Add lace border stickers to the doily as shown. Write or computer print names and date on aqua, then trim into tags and mat on white. Add border stickers to tags and large photo as shown. Glue tags to the page. Back small heart stickers with aqua or red paper, trim around the edges and glue near the tan swirls on the page background as shown. Add ribbons.