Thanksgiving Family Recipes

LeNae Gerig

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Thanksgiving Family Recipes
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: When covering the flap and back of the portfolio with paper, fold the flap down to crease before cutting around the edges to insure a proper fit of the paper.



  1. Apply glue stick to the front flap and back cover of the portfolio. Place brown plaid paper over the flap and back. Trim the paper even with the edges.
  2. Cover the front of the portfolio with golden yellow leaf paper and trim around the edges. Apply brown ink to the edges of the portfolio.
  3. Print “Thanksgiving Family Recipes” onto ivory cardstock and glue behind a self-adhesive frame. Trim the paper to fit the frame. Mat the frame onto brown paper and leave a 1/8” border around the frame. Glue the top portion of the frame to the center of the flap.
  4. Place the cornucopia at the bottom left corner and “harvest” and “feast” tags to the right. Place a pumpkin frame on the center back of the portfolio. Place your collection of family recipes inside and they will be easy to find and share each year.