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This week, Paulette and Ann get inspired by Mary Anne's Inspired Words CD.

Folded paper ball ornaments
By Ann Bernklau
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Ann Bernklau

Ann's Tips: I used Humungo Killer Adhesive on the center circles to keep the folded paper circles secure to the center.

- indicates that the product page has a video demo.


  1. Use a 2 1/8” circle punch to punch out 8 circles of double sided paper. Fold each circle in half and in half again, keeping the same pattern on the outside of each circle.
  2. Use a 3/4” circle punch to punch out 2 circles of any color cardstock. Make a dot in the center of each 3/4” circle. Cover each circle with Humongo adhesive, trimming around the circles.
  3. Peel off the backing sheet covering the double-sided adhesive on one of the 3/4” circles. Take one of the 2 1/8” circles folded in fourths and place it on the adhesive with the point touching the dot you made in the center in step 2. Place another folded circle next to the first, with the folds touching. Place two more circles on the adhesive, mirroring the first two.
  4. Repeat step 3 to make a second “half” of your ornament. Flip the two halves over, revealing the small cardstock circles. Place some double-sided adhesive on each of the circles. Fold a 9” piece of ribbon in half and place the ends on one of circles of adhesive Stick the two small circles together, sandwiching the ribbon and creating your ornament. Fluff out the “pockets” in your ornament created by the folded circles. Add Zots in between pockets if needed.
  5. Add more embellishments like adhesive pearls, Stickles, bows, Jewel Dazzles, etc. and then hang your ornament on your tree!

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