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Stocking Pocket card

LeNae Gerig

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Stocking pocket card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: After sprinkling the bear with Flower Soft® use your fingertips to press the Flower Soft® into the glue before removing excess. This will insure good adhesion.



  1. Place the card fold on the left. Cover with black cardstock. Glue a 4 3/4”x6 1/4” rectangle of green stitch patterned paper to the center. Trace the “Handmade Stocking” pattern onto burgundy stitch paper and cut out. Mat the stocking with black cardstock, leaving a 1/16” border and stopping short of the top of the pocket at the back.
  2. Trace the heel, toe and cuff onto dot paper, cut out and mat each piece with black, leaving a 1/16” border. Glue to the stocking as shown. Use the pen to make stitch marks on the toe and heel. Glue greeting cutouts to the top left side of the cuff and top with a knotted burgundy dot ribbon length. Glue the stocking to the card front, leaving the top open.
  3. Trace the Teddy Bear shape onto black cardstock. Cut out and cover one side with Flower Soft® Glue. While the glue is still wet sprinkle with Earth Flower Soft®. Tap off the excess and return to the jar. While the glue is still wet, use the point of a pencil to draw a face on the bear, carving away the wet Flower Soft® and exposing the black cardstock underneath. Once the Flower Soft® is dry, go over the face with Black Diamond Stickles Glitter glue.
  4. Glue a knotted gingham ribbon length to the bear’s neck. Let the glue dry. Slip the bear into the pocket.
  5. Inside: Cover the inside back with the “Christmas Tree” patterned border paper. Glue a greeting cut out to the top right.