Dragonfly Get Well card

Ann Bernklau

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Dragonfly Get Well card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips:

  • Create custom backgrounds with the butterfly template by repeating images in an all-over pattern on your card.
  • The stylus handle and blending tips are great for inking through the butterfly template. You can even blend two or more colors in one image. I also used the blending tips without the template to ink the background and give it a soft sponged look.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the top. Place a blending tip on the end of the stylus handle and dab onto the Lime Pastel ink pad. Apply Lime Pastel ink all over the front of the card. Use another blending tip on the other end of the stylus handle. Dab lightly on the Ocean ink pad and scatter a few light blue spots over the card.
  2. Using the Butterflies #2 Template, place the small dragonfly in the center bottom of the card. Dab Ocean ink on the dragonfly, then remove the template. Create more dragonflies on the left and right of the first. Do the same with a row of dragonflies 1" from the top of the card.
  3. Repeat the technique using Lime Pastel ink to create rows of green dragonflies directly above the rows of blue dragonflies as shown.
  4. Place a strip of Zips across the card 2 1/4" from the top and another strip 2" from the bottom. Place Serendipity pink crepe ribbon over both strips. Place a strip of Zips across the middle of the two pink ribbons and place Serendipity metallic teal ribbon on this strip.
  5. Using the Butterflies #2 Template sponge a large pink dragonfly on a piece of white cardstock using a stylus handle, blending tip, and Berrylicious ink. Sponge a light layer of Lime Pastel over the dragonfly and cut around, leaving a 1/8" border. Foam tape to the card slightly tilted to the left, 1" from the top and 1/4" from the right.
  6. Punch a Vintage Label from white cardstock. Ink the larger piece with Lime Pastel ink and the small oval with Ocean ink. Print "get well!" on the oval and glue to the larger piece. Foam tape the greeting on the ribbon, 1/2" from the left.
  7. Inside: Using the Butterflies #2 Template sponge a row of Berrylicious dragonflies across the top and a row of Ocean ones across the bottom. Sponge a light layer of Lime Pastel ink along the top and bottom, fading out in the center to leave room for a personal greeting.