9-Drawer Craft Storage Chest

Ann Bernklau

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9-Drawer Craft Storage Chest
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips:

  • I made the bottom row of drawers a continuous image by using the same strip of paper for the 3 drawers.
  • Easily attach the metal frames with Zips adhesive strips.
  • I sprayed the flower corner paper with Meadow Green, Viva Pink, and Moonlight Glimmer Mists. It adds texture and a subtle color to the labels and the bottom row of drawers.
  • If you wanted to make the labels in the metal frames interchangeable, you could attach the bottom and sides of the metal frame to the drawer with strips of foam tape and slip in the label from the top.



  1. Spray both sides of all the pieces with brown stain spray paint and let dry. Apply another coat if needed. Locate the top piece of the chest and use glue stick to cover it with Boutique green/tan houndstooth paper, piecing together the paper to fit the surface (do not cut holes in the paper). Place the piece paper face down on a cutting mat and run along the edge with an X-acto® knife, trimming to fit. Ink the edges of the paper using Timber Brown StazOn and a cosmetic sponge.
  2. Assemble the chest and use Tacky Glue in the joints. Assemble the drawers with Tacky Glue and let dry (tape may be used to help keep the sides together while drying).
  3. Take the Boutique flower corner paper and lightly spray in a random pattern with Meadow Green, Viva Pink, and Moonlight Glimmer mists. Let dry. With the Boutique flower and pink lace border along the bottom, flip the paper to the white side. Place a drawer, front side face down, on the bottom right corner of the paper and trace. Cut out the shape and place on the front of the drawer. Trim edges to fit if necessary. Glue to drawer with glue stick. Repeat this process for the other two bottom row drawers, using the same bottom border of the paper.
  4. Cover the remaining 6 drawers using the same technique-cover 3 with Boutique teal dot paper and 3 with Boutique multi-squares paper. Ink all edges of the drawer fronts with Timber Brown StazOn and a cosmetic sponge.
  5. Arrange 9 of the Dedication Momentos Frames on the remainder of the flower corner paper (on the pale green/misted portion) and trace the inside and outside of the frames on the paper. Print words on the paper inside the shapes. Cut out the shapes just inside the outer line. Glue the shapes centered on the drawers. Attach the metal frames centered around the words using Zips adhesive strips along the top and bottom of each frame.