Leslie Grace page

Ann Bernklau

Leslie Grace page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips:

  • I cut strips from the striped sheet of the Copper Color Me to create the photo frames. Cut the corners at angles just like a real photo frame.
  • I used the ColorBox stylus and blender tips to apply the ink with more precision.
  • I found that gluing photos to the Color Me papers with glue stick tends to come off. Zots work much better since they are flexible, yet have a strong bond with the paper.



  1. Start with the Copper Color Me clock corner paper as the background, with the clock in the bottom left corner. Use the stylus handle and a foam blender tip to ink the background with Olive chalk ink, inking in diagonal stripes every other stripe. Ink the stripes in the opposite direction, creating an oversize gingham pattern. Ink the small gears at the bottom with Toffee chalk ink and the butterflies with Rouge chalk ink.
  2. Mat a 3"x4 1/4" photo on white cardstock with 1/2" borders. Trim off two 5 3/4" lengths and two 4 1/2" lengths of the 3/4" wide Copper Color Me swirl stripe paper. Ink all edges of the strips Rouge, going about 1/4" onto the strip. Glue the long strips along the top and bottom of the photo, gluing onto the white mat. Angle the ends of the two short strips and glue to the left and right. Attach photo to page 1" from the left and top edges; use a Zot on each corner.
  3. Mat a 4 1/2"x4" photo on white cardstock with 1/2" borders. Cut two 5 5/8" lengths and two 5 1/8" lengths of the 1/2" wide stripe on the Copper Color Me striped paper. Glue the long strips across the top and bottom of the photo, gluing it to the white matting. Angle the ends of the short strips and glue to the left and right of the photo. Cut the same lengths (plus a 1/4" on all pieces) of a 1/8" wide strip and glue just outside of the copper line around the photo. Zot the photo to the page 1" from the right and 1 1/4" from the bottom. Cut a 5 1/8" strip of the Copper Color Me scallop border paper and Zot along the bottom of the photo.
  4. Write "2012" on a Copper Color Me small tag and foam tape to the base of the pink frame. Knot Nonna's Garden green crepe ribbon and Zot to the top of the tag.
  5. Write a title on the shaped Copper Color Me label and ink the edges Toffee. Sponge some Rouge lightly over the swirls and foam tape the label 1" from the top and right of the Copper Color Me background. Zot a small Nonna's Garden green crepe bow to the bottom right of the label.