Iris Flower Birthday Card

Lodell Halvorson

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Iris Flower Birthday Card
By Lodell Halvorson

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Designer's Tip: I like to try to find different ways to use templates other than the obvious. For this project I used the flower center to create the label for the greeting.



  1. Use the Easy Iris Folding Template to trace flower shape in the center of 4 1/2" square of black cardstock. Carefully cut out flower shape with the X-acto® knife. Lay paper face down over the iris folding template. Cut 1" strips of Foil Paper Set #4 pink and purple foil, and use pink for the "a" pieces on the Easy Iris Folding Template, and purple for the "b" pieces. One at a time, fold the pieces in half and line them up on the template. Cut off excess and tape in place on the paper. Repeat this process until each petal on the flower is covered.
  2. Use the Easy Iris Folding Template to trace flower center on the back of the green foil paper and cut out. Attach to the center of the large flower with a Tropical Glitter purple brad.
  3. Cut two strips of Metallic purple ribbon 12" long. Wrap around one corner 3/4" from the tip and tape the end to the back of the black cardstock. Wrap the same Metallic ribbon around the opposite corner and tape the end to the back. Repeat for the other two corners.
  4. Position the card with the fold on the left and glue Foil Paper Set #4 purple foil paper to the card. Trim excess and cut card to 5"x5". Cut green foil paper to 4 5/8" square and glue to the card centered over the purple. Foam the tape Easy Iris Folding flower piece to the card center.
  5. Using the Birthday Greetings stamp set, stamp "Birthday Wishes" with black ink on purple cardstock. Using the flower center on the Easy Iris Folding Template, center the stamped greeting and trace the outline of just two opposite petals, then connect to create the label. Glue to pink foil and cut around the edges leaving 1/16" border.
  6. Inside: Cut two strips of purple foil paper 3/4" wide score at 1/4", then 1/2", then 1/4", then 1/2" intervals along the whole strip. Fold to create a pleat and glue to the card 1/4" from the left edge. Cut black cardstock to 2"x5" and glue to the bottom of the card.
  7. Using the Birthday Greetings stamp set, "For Someone Special" with black ink in the center of the card. Zot( a Metallic pink bow just below the greeting.