"Far Out Birthday" card

LeNae Gerig

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"Far Out Birthday" card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Use the circles on the patterned paper as a planet background on the card. Embellish with Dazzles™ stars and planets.



  1. Place the card fold at the top. Cut 2" from the right side of the card font only. Cover the card front with 4-Seasons medium blue cardstock and ink the edges. Cut a 4 1/4" x 4 3/4" of Cardmaker's blue circle paper. Glue a 3/4"-1" torn piece of 4-Seasons lime green cardstock to the bottom of the rectangle. Trim the paper even with the rectangle edges. Ink the edges black and glue to the card front.
  2. Place Robot & Rocketships Dazzles™ "Far Out Birthday" along the bottom of the lime green cardstock. Back areas of a tall and small robot first with 4-Seasons yellow cardstock and then the bodies with Cardmaker's striped paper. Glue "standing" on the lime cardstock strip.
  3. Place Robot & Rocketships planet and stars Dazzles™ centered over a large circle near the top of the blue circle paper with Dazzles™ stars surrounding it.
  4. Inside: Cover the card inside back with 4-Seasons yellow cardstock. Place Cardmaker's striped paper across the center of the spaceship Dazzle™ and glue to the right side of the card inside back so that it appears centered in the cut away portion of the card. Place star and dot Dazzles™ above the ship and bolts of lighting Dazzles™ below. Place "Geared up for Fun!" Dazzles™ greeting to the left side of the card back with gear Dazzles™ below.