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"Love" etched glass ornament

LeNae Gerig

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"Love" etched glass ornament
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: I found it helpful to keep the etch solution on the glass for a few extra minutes longer than instructed to get a deeper etch.



  1. Remove the hanger cap from the ornament. Carefully curve the thin black Dazzles( hanging strip across one side of the ornament, about 1" from the neck of the ornament. Trim the excess. Place the "Love" Banner Greeting Dazzles( to hang from the thin strip.
  2. Follow the manufacturer instructions for applying the Armour Etch to the ornament using a paintbrush and protective gloves. Wait a few minutes and then wash the Etch from the glass and dry with a paper towel. Remove the Dazzles( stickers. Dry again.
  3. Place tiny Red Heart Dazzles( between each etched heart image. Place larger Red Heart Dazzles( above, near the neck and below the etched hearts.
  4. Replace the hanger cap. Tie a length or Red Memory Thread around the cap and tie a bow. Coil the tails around a pencil point. Thread the cap loop with a 4" length of thread and twist the ends to make a hanger.