Honey Pop Birthday card

LeNae Gerig

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Honey Pop Birthday card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Place the HoneyPOP paper on your work surface horizontally and stamp with the arrows on the cupcake stamp also horizontal. Stamp the inside of the card first to prevent the Spectrum Noir pens from bleeding through the papers on the card front. Also, you will need a flat surface when stamping on inside of card.



  1. Place the card fold on the cover the card with Cardmaker's Citrus pink dot paper. Mat a 5"x1 1/2" Cardmaker's Citrus purple textured paper with Cardmaker's Citrus aqua textured paper leaving 1/4" borders on the long edges. Glue across the card center. Glue a length of Serendipity pink dot ribbon across the border. Trim even with the card edges.
  2. Using the 15 Lovely Labels Template, trace the 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" Bracket Label onto white cardstock. Stamp the Cupcake Birdy HoneyPOP bird image with the cupcake overlapping slightly to the right. Stamp the Cupcake Birdy HoneyPOP "Happy Birthday" with cherries above the bird/cupcake. Color in the stamped images using the Spectrum Noir Pens as shown.
  3. Stamp the cupcake again on Cardmaker's Citrus textured aqua, pink and dark pink papers. Cut out and glue together images to form a whole cupcake. Foam tape over the stamped cupcake next to the bird. Cut out the 15 Lovely Labels Template Bracket Label, bumping out around the bird feathers extending over the label edge. Mat with Cardmaker's Citrus dark pink paper and glue over the card border. Knot a length of Serendipity pink dot ribbon and glue to the bird neck like a bow tie.
  4. Inside: Open the card and lay flat. Stamp the Birdy HoneyPOP bird with cherry on the left side of the card fold, just above center. Stamp Birdy HoneyPOP "With a cherry on top" opposite the bird on the right side of the card.
  5. Stamp the Birdy HoneyPOP "Cupcake 1" stamp bottom onto a blue HoneyPOP paper pad and the "Cupcake 1" stamp onto a pink HoneyPOP paper pad. Cut out and glue close together with their edges on each side of the card fold. Close the card and open to insure proper placement.