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Cardmaking 101: Basic Card Making Supplies

A few basic tools will make your card making much easier—and more fun!



Paper Trimmer
The tool you'll use most. A paper trimmer gives you straight, clean cuts every time—and most come with a built-in ruler so you're always precise. Tip: Buy replacement blades when you buy your trimmer, so you have them on hand when you need them. If you have a sliding blade, like this one, always slide the blade in the same direction (either always toward you, or always away from you). When you notice the blade getting dull, remove it and turn it the other direction. You'll get a little more life from your blades!

Retractable Pen Knife
This tool is ideal for making tiny cuts, lifting and applying Dazzles™ stickers, and applying tiny crystal stickers or self-adhesive pearls. You can also use it in combination with a metal ruler for straight cuts.

12" Ruler
Not just for measuring, a ruler makes a good edge for cutting with your pen knife.



A glue stick is easy to use and inexpensive—it's a great option for gluing paper to paper. Zots™ are super sticky dots, which are great for attaching ribbons and flowers. For adding dimension use foam tape. Embellishment Glue Sticks are great if you're securing buttons or chunkier pieces to a card.

Retractable Pick
This tool is great for making holes for brads for easier insertion.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat with a Grid
A 12" (or larger) cutting mat protects your work surface. When cutting windows into your cards, use a pen knife on top of your cutting mat. Because it's self-healing the cuts aren't permanent. If it has grid lines printed onto it, you can easily line up ribbons, paper strips, borders and other items onto your cards.

This is indispensable for making folds. Measure and mark your card then run the stylus next to a ruler for scoring your cards and papers.

Bone Folder
To make crisp folds, a bone folder is perfect.