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You Are My Sunshine card

Ann Bernklau

Click here to get 12"x12" Adhesive Sheets.

You Are My Sunshine card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer's Tip: The adhesive sheets work great with any manual die cut or electronic cutting machines, such as the Epic Tool or the CAMEO. This way you don't have to apply glue to all of your intricate die-cut shapes, just simply peel and stick! I also love the ability to cut intricate shapes such as letters and use any patterned paper.



  1. Apply a sheet of Scrapbook Adhesives to the back of yellow/white pattern paper, according to the instructions on the adhesive sheet. To cut a 12" wide adhesive-backed paper on the CAMEO without a cutting, mat, you will first need to adjust the rollers. Open the CAMEO and press down the blue lever on the right side. This should slightly lift the metal bar with the white rollers on it. Holding the bar with one hand, twist the white roller on the right until it releases from the grooves. Slide the white roller on the bar to the left until it is within 12" from the other roller (so both rollers will fit on your paper). Lift up the blue lever on the right to shift the metal bar back in place.
  2. Insert the adhesive-backed sheet, patterned side up, into the Silhouette CAMEO. In the Silhouette Studio software, browse through your library and double-click on "You are my sunshine" to place it on your page. Expand the greeting until "sunshine" is about 6" long. Go back to the library and select the symmetrical swirl and expand it to 7" on your page. Use the type tool to create "Thanks for being my friend" from one of the fonts on your computer. I used Century Gothic bold. Send the job to cut on the CAMEO. In the cut settings, select Print paper medium (using blade 2). Un-check the box that says "cutting mat." Since the adhesive has a backing sheet, there is no need to apply your sheet onto the normal cutting mat. Proceed until the paper has been cut and unload it from the machine. The blade should have almost cut through the backing sheet and may have in some areas. The important part is that the paper itself has been cut through. You should now be able to peel off your cut shapes.
  3. Cover a horizontal card with black corner flourish. Peel and place the words onto your card as shown. Zot a small baker's twine bow to the top right as shown.
  4. Inside: Cover inside with black/white small tapestry. Mat a 3 1/4" square of black flourish on yellow/white pattern, with 1/16" borders. Glue 1/2" from the right and bottom. Peel and place the letters on the black square as shown. Trim the symmetrical swirl into pieces and place around the greeting as shown.