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Carrot Holder

Talia Sanderson

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Carrot Holder
By Talia Sanderson

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Designer's Tip: Use the black pigment ink for stamping and heat set the ink to prevent your stamping from running from the Spectrum Noir Pens.



  1. Using the Easy Circles Template, trace an 11 1/2" circle on the back of your Apricot POW paper and cut out. Next cut your circle into equal quarters. Place a strip of Zips along the inside straight edge of a quarter and roll into a cone shape, securing the two straight edges.
  2. Cut a 6"x8" of Evergreen POW paper. Cut 1/4" strips along the 8" side leaving 1" inch at the bottom of the paper. Place a strip of Zips along the 1" uncut edge and roll into a circle, attaching the two edges.
  3. Line the inside top edge of your Apricot cone with Zips. Slide the 1" uncut section of Evergreen POW paper into the cone and attach by pressing into place. Fill your box with any goodies you see fitting.
  4. Cut eight 6" sections each of green and light green memory thread. Stack them in an uneven bundle and tie one piece of thread around the bundle in a knot. Wrap the ends around a pencil to curl as shown. Using a section of thread, gather the fringed Evergreen edges and tie a knot to close the top of the carrot.
  5. Stamp the Hoppy Easter bunny, flower and sentiment onto white cardstock using black pigment ink and heat set using a heat gun. Color in the stamped images using Spectrum Noir Pens in Cool Greys and Pinks and cut out.
  6. Punch out a tag in orange cardstock, ink the edges black and glue the stamped images as shown. Punch a 1/8" hole 1/8" from the top of the tag and string a piece of memory thread through and tie in a knot to secure the tag to the carrot.