“Mother’s Day” cd

LeNae Gerig

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“Mother’s Day” card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Star also makes a beautiful Christmas Card. Use solid glitter paper and use star brads at the center instead of the flower.



  1. Turn the purple glitter paper over and trace the star card pattern on the back using a pencil. Cut out and fold along the lines using the bone folder to make sharp creases. Erase the pencil lines.
  2. Print a greeting at what will be the top of the inside of the star and trace the center fold lines marked #1, #2 etc. centered around the greeting. Cut out and glue to the inside of the star. Fold the star points according to the template instructions.
  3. Trace a mini star onto green glitter paper. Cut out and fold the mini star. Layer the mini star, a small blue silk flower, a lavender mini flower Brad Buddie™ and blue brad and secure the layered pieces to the center front of the giant star card and secure the brad through the center of the star and secure at the back. You’ll still be able to open and close your card.
  4. Write a greeting on white cardstock and trace the tag shape on the template. Cut out and glue under the silk flower.
  5. Envelope: Trace the Square Envelope onto the back of the glue glitter paper and cut out. Fold according to the template directions. Use an adhesive tape runner to apply adhesive to the edges to glue the flaps in place.