Senior Portrait page

Ann Bernklau

Senior Portrait page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer's Tip: . The Smooch Inks add fabulous color and shine to your Zentangles. . The great thing about Zentangles is that you can follow the patterns in the book, or you can make up your very own patterns. The possibilities are endless. . Make a beautiful unique embellishment by cutting out a shape from a template and covering it in Zentangles. . Zentangles look great on solid paper, and you can experiment with patterned paper to get a completely different look!



  1. Rotate the Easy Scalloped Frames template 45 degrees and place centered onto a piece of black cardstock. Trace the 11 1/2" frame and the 9" frame with a white gel pen and remove the template. Carefully connect the gaps in the lines. Draw lines from the outer points to the inner points and from the outer scallops to the inner scallops to create 8 sections.
  2. Use the Zentangle book to draw a different tangle in each section. Fill in some of the patterns with a variety of Smooch inks.
  3. Cut a 9" scalloped frame from white cardstock, ink edges black, and glue to the center. Cut a 6 1/4" square of purple cardstock and ink the edges. Glue to center. Draw scallops around the purple square and draw a small flower between each scallop. Color in with Grape soda, Pool, Lettuce, and Sweet Melon Smooch Inks.
  4. Ink the edges of a 4"x6" photo and glue to the purple square 1/8" from the left, top and bottom. Cut out a hot pink flower (1F) from the 20 Blossoms Template. Cut out a 5D flower and 2 leaves from lime green cardstock. Cover each piece in Zentangles. Curl the leaves and petals using your fingers. Glue the leaves to the page at the top right of the purple square, and adhere the flower and center flower with foam tape. Write a caption for your page in the blank purple area.