Sew Many Memories album

Ann Bernklau

Sew Many Memories album
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer's Tip: . The sewing machine is fun to use-I made a paper "quilt" from the Sew Cute papers for my cover! . Dress up your dress forms! Play paper dolls-cover the chipboard dress forms with patterned paper in the shape of cute dresses. For the pink dress, I added a "lace" embellishment by trimming off parts of the Lace & Doilies Dazzles. . Easily add color and sparkle to your chipboard by misting it with Glimmer Mist, and cover it with paper for a fun look. . I love how delicate the butterfly trinket pins look. I threaded the button trinket pin with narrow pink grosgrain. Sew cute! . The "Sparklets" from KaiserCraft are adorable, easy to use, and add just the right amount of bling to your project!



  1. Album spine: Unscrew and remove the metal posts. Mist the spine with Moonlight Glimmer Mist and let dry. Place lace Dazzles along the spine as shown, piecing together the border where necessary. Use a craft knife to re-cut the binding holes. Assemble the posts in the album holes with the flat sides in the front. Place a small pink Sparklet on each post (glue with Tacky Glue to reinforce the adhesive).
  2. Creating the paper quilt: Prep the sewing machine by filling a bobbin with pink thread and threading the machine with the spool and bobbin according to the instructions in the manual. Cut a 8 3/4" square of white cardstock. With pencil, draw a 1/4" border along all the sides of the square. Inside the frame, draw a grid with 9 squares, each 2 3/4". Draw an "X" from corner to corner on the top middle square, bottom middle square, and left and right middle squares. This is the pattern for your "paper quilt."
  3. Cut nine 2 3/4" squares from Sew Cute papers: 5 green, 2 blue gingham, and 2 yellow floral. Cut the blue and yellow squares twice in half diagonally (cut an "X" from corner to corner), creating 4 triangles from each square. Use a cosmetic sponge and Toffee ink to ink the edges of all the pieces, creating a shaded effect. Follow the diagram below or the photo to glue your pieces onto the white cardstock square in the pattern shown.
  4. Turn the stitch wheel on the sewing machine to "H," which is the largest zig zag stitch. Carefully sew straight seams along all the "seams" of the paper quilt. Tape the ends of the thread around to the back. Glue 1/4" strips of striped paper along the borders, covering the remaining white cardstock. Ink edges with Toffee ink. Glue the quilt to the album cover, trimming edges to fit. Ink the trimmed edges.
  5. Hangers: Mist the chipboard hanger with Moonlight Glimmer Mist. Glue a folded piece of yellow gingham ribbon around the hook. Glue a pink Sparklet at the top and glue the hanger on the top left square. Twist the hook of the wire hanger so it will go over the bar of the chipboard hanger while laying flat on the album. Clip the tip of the hook if needed, then glue the wire hanger down with Zots adhesive dots.
  6. Sign: Print "Sew Many Memories" on 2"x1 1/4" of white cardstock and ink edges. Mat on Sew Cute pink floral with a 1/16" border and ink edges. Foam tape 1 1/4" from the top and 3 1/4" from the right. Tie knots on the ends of 5" of pink narrow grosgrain. Glue the knots to the top 2 corners of the sign. Place a wire hanger so the sign is "hanging" on it. Glue down the hanger with Zots adhesive dots.
  7. Top right dress form: Mist the chipboard dress form with Moonlight Glimmer Mist. Place the shape on the colorful quilt paper, lining up the center between the circles on the paper. Trace around and cut out. Trim around the circles at the top of the dress form and trim along the "hemline." Ink edges and glue to the dress form. Glue pink ribbon along the neck and around the waist. Glue a pink Sparklet at the hip. Glue the dress form to the album with the bodice centered on the top right green square.
  8. Sewing machine: Place the chipboard sewing machine on colorful quilted paper, with the base on the brown border. Trace around and cut out. Glue to chipboard and ink edges. Tie a bow of yellow gingham around the right side of the machine. Insert two butterfly trinket pins into the knot and clip ends for safety. Glue the sewing machine centered on the cover.
  9. Bottom left dress forms: Mist the chipboard dress form with Moonlight Glimmer mist. Trace the form onto pink floral paper and cut out. Cut a V neckline and cut along the hem. Ink edges and Glue to dress form. Cut pieces from the Lace & Doilies Scrapbooking Dazzles to decorate the collar, waist, and hem with lace. Glue the dress form 6" from the right and 1/4" from the bottom. Tie a knot around the waist of a small wire dress form and glue to album to the left of the pink dress form with Zots adhesive dots.
  10. Scissors & spool: Place a small pink Sparklet in the center of the bottom center quilt square. Mist the chipboard scissors with Moonlight Glimmer Mist. Trace the handles onto pink floral paper and cut out. Glue to the chipboard. Glue the scissors at an angle, 1/2" from the bottom and 1 1/4" from the right. Ink the chipboard spool with Toffee ink. Trace onto striped paper and cut out a shape to fit the middle part of the spool. String a button trinket pin with narrow pink ribbon, gluing ends to the back. Glue the button and butterfly trinket pins to the spool on the right side, clipping the ends so they don't extend beyond the bottom of the spool. Ink the edges of the striped spool paper, then glue onto the spool, over the pins. Glue the spool 1/2" from the right and 1/4" from the bottom.