Celebrate card

Ann Bernklau

Celebrate card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer's Tip: The Artful Card Kits are so easy to use. The die-cuts are fabulous and everything looks great together; it's impossible to go wrong! I also love the delicate, yet fun looks you can create with the pleated tulle.



  1. With the fold on the top, cover card with yellow dots. Mat 5 3/4"x3 1/2" of blue tile on black texture, leaving a 1/8" border. Glue to center. Glue 3/8" wide strips of pink music along the top and bottom of the blue piece, trimming the ends even with the card.
  2. Punch out the long banner border and foam tape across the top of the card, 1/8" from the top. Cut the large pink and teal Jewel Dazzles in half and place along the tops of the flags.
  3. Place a row of Zips adhesive lines along the card 1 1/2" from the bottom. Press 6 1/2" of teal pleated tulle along the Zips adhesive lines, with the seam on the adhesive. Place small teal Jewel Dazzles scattered on the tulle.
  4. Cut 9" of black satin ribbon and thread it around the blue/yellow circle on the bottom of the pink/black die-cut label, tying it in a bow at the front. Zot the bow loops down if necessary. Foam tape to the card, 1" from the right and bottom. Foam tape the "Celebrate" banner on the pink part of the label.
  5. Foam tape a few fun flowers and stars above the greeting on the right side. Add pink and teal Jewel Dazzles in the centers.
  6. Place a 3-D Zot 1 3/4" from the left and top. Bunch up 6 1/2" of yellow tulle and stick the center to the 3-D Zot. Use a Small Zot on the back of a starburst to stick to the center of the tulle flower. Add a teal Jewel Dazzle in the middle of the starburst.
  7. For the inside: Cover the inside with black texture. Glue 5 3/4"x3 1/2" of pink music to the center. Glue 1/4" wide strips of yellow dots across the top and bottom, 3/8" from the edge of the black. Punch out the pink/yellow circle and turn to the backside. Place Zots adhesive dots around the rim and attach teal pleated tulle, trimming to fit. Foam tape the circle to the center. Print a greeting on the yellow banner label and foam tape it to the center. Foam tape circles to the top right and bottom left of the center greeting as shown. Add Jewel Dazzles to the centers of the small circles. Add small Jewel Dazzles to the teal pleated tulle.