Flowerpot card

Ann Bernklau

Flowerpot card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer's Tip: . This flowerpot pocket makes an adorable focal for your card, and can hide a small message inside! . Two things you need to know about the template: to make the large flowerpot, cut a 6 3/4" square. To make the small flowerpot, cut a 3 3/4" square (ignore the printed measurements). . The POW papers are great-all the glitz of glitter, with zero mess!



  1. Place your card with the fold on the left. In light pencil, draw a frame around the card 1/2" in from the edges. Apply pink chalk inside the pencil lines. Ink the top edge of 4"x1 1/2" of green POW paper and glue 1/2" from the bottom and sides. Cut four 6 1/2"x1/4" strips of pink POW paper and four 6 1/2"x1/8" of green POW paper. Glue the pink strips along each side, just outside the pencil lines. Glue the green strips just outside of the pink strips, leaving a 1/16" gap.
  2. Ink up the "Celebrate!" stamp with Guacamole ink and stamp once on scrap paper, then stamp vertically down the right side of the card, at the top right corner. This creates a lighter shade of the Guacamole.
  3. For the flowerpot: Cut a 6 3/4" square of brown houndstooth POW paper and fold in half diagonally. Trace the template shape for the large flowerpot onto the triangle, with the bottom line along the fold. Assemble the flowerpot according to the template instructions. Trim any white edges that are showing. Using the template, trace just the rim of the flowerpot on the back of gold POW paper and cut out. Glue to the front of the flowerpot, over the existing rim. Apply a silver Dazzle border along the rim as shown.
  4. For the flower tag: Trace the center shape of the large flowerpot on the back of green POW paper and cut out. Glue to cardstock and trim around (for re-enforcement). Insert the tag into the front of the flowerpot. You should see a little of it at the bottom. Mark where the green is showing, remove the tag, and cut off this part. Print a greeting on white cardstock and trim to fit the shape of the bottom of the tag. Mat on dark pink POW paper with a 1/8" border, and glue to the bottom of the tag, about 1/4" from the bottom. Trim edges even with the tag.
  5. For the flower: Follow the template instructions to assemble a rose from dark pink POW paper and a flower center from light pink POW paper. Unfold both, ink the edges brown with a cosmetic wedge, then re-fold. Trim pieces of one of the swirly Dazzle borders and place them on each of the rose petals, as shown. Cut out a pair of green leaves, ink edges, and Zot them to the back of the rose. Insert a silver brad into the flower center, through the center of the rose, and through the tag, 1/2" from the top of the tag. Place the tag in the flowerpot. Place a tiny swirl "innie" from the Dazzles onto the center of the brad.
  6. Cut out the gardening tools from silver houndstooth, and cover the handles with gold. Ink edges. Glue or foam tape to the card crossed in the bottom right corner, as shown.
  7. For the inside: Apply pink chalk around the edges of the top 5 1/4" of the inside panel. Use stencil tape to mask off the bottom 1 1/4". Apply Guacamole ink to the area by dabbing very lightly with a cosmetic sponge. Remove the tape. Use the same stamping technique as the front to stamp a greeting in the top left corner. Place 2 diamond Dazzle borders along the card 1 1/2" from the bottom and 2" from the bottom. Trim 1 1/4" pieces of the thin ball borders and place them as "fence posts" every 2 diamonds (as shown).
  8. Make a small flowerpot using a 3 3/4" square of gold POW paper. Make a tag from the same paper. Trim the bottom of the tag so it won't show when inserted into the flowerpot. Mat a tiny greeting on green POW and glue it to the bottom of the tag. Make a dahlia from light pink POW paper, inking the edges of the petals. Zot a pair of small leaves behind the flower, to the left. Insert a silver mini brad into the center of the dahlia, and through the tag, 5/8" from the top of the tag. Make a loop out of 1 3/4"x1/8" of brown houndstooth and glue to the top back of the tag to indicate that it's a tag. Insert the tag into the flowerpot. Cut out a watering can from silver houndstooth and glue it to the top right as shown. Embellish the can with Dazzles and place small thin pieces of border coming out of the spout as "water." Place a piece of the large swirl border at the top of the can, trimming it to look like the can is hanging from a swirl hook.