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You're the Star page

Ann Bernklau

You're the Star page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer's Tip: Use the ribbons as a frame, like I did with the blue/red polka dot ribbon. I also matted the bottom layer of the Papier Tole with white cardstock to make it stand out.



  1. Use the blue stars paper as your background with the stars in the top left corner. Mat a 4"x4" photo on white cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Glue to page 1" from the right and 4" from the top. Glue blue/red dot ribbon along the top, bottom, and right sides of the photo, adhering with Zots adhesive dots. Mat a 5"x7" photo on red texture with a 1/2" border. Mat on white with a 1/16" border. Glue to page 1 1/4" from the left and 2" from the top.
  2. Mat the first layer of the long shooting star Papier Tole on white cardstock, leaving a 1/16" border. Assemble the rest of the layers with foam tape. Tie a small bow around the narrow part with green grosgrain. Glue the whole piece below the large photo as shown.
  3. Mat the first layer of the "You're the star" Papier Tole on white cardstock, leaving a 1/16" border. Assemble the rest of the layers. Cut a large firework Dazzle in half and place each half behind the Papier Tole piece on each side as you glue the Papier Tole piece to the page 2 1/2" from the top and right.
  4. Cut 2 1/2" of red web ribbon and cut a "V" in the bottom. Glue to page 2 3/4" from the right and 1/4" from the bottom using Zots adhesive dots.
  5. Foam tape the extra stars from the Papier Tole around the photos. Finish embellishing your page with red holographic fireworks Dazzles.