Beaded butterfly card

Susan Cobb

Beaded butterfly card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip:



  1. Place your blank card with the fold to the left. Cut a 4 3/4"x6 1/4" piece of Friendship blue paper. Ink a 4"x4 3/4" Friendship green floral paper with Blackberry ink and glue centered on the blue paper, 1 1/8" from the bottom. Ink a 4" piece of Friendship purple border paper with Blackberry ink and glue to the bottom of the green floral paper. Glue a 4" piece of baker's twine to the top of the purple border.
  2. Cut two 7" pieces of purple Baker's twine. Glue parallel to each other 1/8" from the left of the blue edge. Wrap the edges around the back of the blue paper, and glue. Cut two 6" pieces of the purple twine. Tie together into a double bow and Zot to the twine, 1" from the top of the blue paper.
  3. Stamp "Sending Happy Thoughts" with Blackberry ink on the blue paper as shown. Glue blue paper centered to the card front leaving a 1/8" white border.
  4. Place the wings of a Double Stick Dazzles large butterfly on a plastic sheet in a shallow container. Cover with violet beads. Rub the beads gently into the butterfly, shake off the excess and place back in the bottle.
  5. Place butterfly angled on the card front as shown. Add body and antennae stickers to the butterfly. Carefully place 6 small beads along the center of the butterfly, with the top one slightly darker than the rest. Place smaller purple beads on the rest of the antennae.