Black, white & pink frame

Susan Cobb

Black, white & pink frame
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip:



  1. Place the wood bracket frame on the blank side of the Sunshine and Shadows black/white flourish paper. Trace the outline of the shape and the inside frame with a pencil. Carefully cut out the shape.
  2. Coat the frame with Black StazOn® ink or black acrylic paint and let dry.
  3. Glue Sunshine and Shadows black dot ribbon across the top and bottom of the frame as shown. Place the pink glitter tape directly above the bottom ribbon and directly below the top ribbon. Trim any excess of the ribbon and glitter tape.
  4. Place a black flower on the top right corner and the bottom left corner as shown. Place a pink flower on either side of both flowers.
  5. Knot a 3" Sunshine dot ribbon and Zot near the top flowers, as shown. Tie a 9" Sunshine dot ribbon into a bow and Zot below the bottom flowers as shown.
  6. Place two Silver Butterfly Dazzles on pink cardstock. Cut around each image so both Dazzles are backed in pink. Accent the center of each butterfly with Pink Jewel Dazzles. Foam tape the butterflies angled near the pink flowers as shown.
  7. Cover the wood frame with a thin coat of Aleene's Tacky glue. Place Sunshine black/white flourish paper on the frame and gently press down to secure.