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Little Birdies Ornament

Susan Cobb

Little Birdies Ornament
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: This cute little birdie is perfect for hanging inside a clear ornament. I decorated the birdie and ornament with silver Dazzle stickers and for the finishing touch, added pink shiny beads at the bottom.



  1. Trace two birdie shapes from dark blue POW paper then cut them out. Align the shapes with white sides together. Place one end of a 3" length of thread or floss between the two birdie shapes at the center. Glue the thread and two shapes together. Use your knife to cut the slit in the bird shape through both layers. Trace two tiny round wing shapes from pink POW paper and cut them out. Align the shapes with the white sides together, then glue them together. Fold as shown on the template, then thread the wing through the slit in the birdie.
  2. Add border stickers to the birdie body and wing. Add a swirl (innie) sticker for each eye. Place the butterfly inside one half of the ball ornament and tie the thread through the plastic opening at the top of the ball so the birdie hangs in the center of the opening. Add a Zot to anchor the thread in place. Add pink beads to the ball, then add the second half of the ornament.
  3. Add a border sticker around the seam of the ornament, then add small dragonfly stickers randomly to the ball as shown. Cut small swirls from a border sticker and add swirls at the top. Fold the piece of silver memory thread in half making a loop. Thread the loop through the plastic opening at the top of the ornament, then pull the ends through the loop and tighten it. Add a Zot to secure. Tie the ends into a bow, then coil the ends with the paintbrush handle.