Live Love Laugh binder

LeNae Gerig

Live Love Laugh binder
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Keep your phone numbers, business cards, email and snail mail addresses in your "Best Friends" binder.



  1. Use the surface of the inkpad to apply red ink to the front, back and spine on the binder. Let dry.
  2. Glue a 4 3/4" wide piece of black writing paper with the border along the spine. Repeat for the back. Trim the paper even with the edges of the binder.
  3. Trim the chipboard border to fit across the binder and place one at the top and bottom of the binder front. Alternate red and green rhinestones between chipboard circles down the edge of the black paper next to the spine.
  4. Place the "Live Laugh Love" chipboard to the center of the Journaling Notes frame with the "Best Friends" chipboard at the bottom edge of the frame. Place mini rhinestones on each end and at each corner on the large chipboard piece.
  5. Secure a brad to the top of the frame and glue a threaded red button between chipboard pieces. Glue the Journaling Notes frame to the center of the binder cover.
  6. Inserts: Label dividers with alphabet to act as directory for you contact book. Tear corners from patterned paper and glue to the corner on several blank papers in each section. Glue strips of patterned paper across the center of the dividers and glue Journaling notes over the paper. Layer notes with chipboard shapes and embellish with rhinestones.