Sending Happy Thoughts card

LeNae Gerig

Sending Happy Thoughts card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Don't try to cover the entire butterfly with Flower Soft, it will lose the detail.



  1. Stamp greeting near the top of the oval card topper. Fold up the die cut butterfly wings. Apply glue to the flower centers and the yellow areas of the butterfly wings. Sprinkle daffodil Flower Soft to the wet glue. Tap off excess and return to the jar.
  2. Punch out a large blue/purple butterfly for the die cut sheet and apply glue to areas of the wings and to the smaller butterfly wings as well. Apply Crocus Flower Soft to the glue. Tap off excess and return to the jar. Let the glue dry. Glue the Globe over the oval shape.
  3. Place the card with the fold at the side. Cover the card with green paper. Trace the rectangle/oval pattern onto the back of the striped paper and cut out.
  4. Place the oval cut out over the display globe and then glue the striped paper rectangle to black cardstock. Cut around the rectangle, leaving a 1/16" border. Glue to the front of the green card.
  5. Glue green rick rack around the paper edge of the of the display globe wit the ends meeting at the bottom. Glue a lavender bow at the bottom of the globe, covering the rick rack ends.