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Domino Necklace

LeNae Gerig

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Domino Necklace
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Allow the alcohol ink to really dry well before stamping with StazOn® ink. If the alcohol ink is at all wet, then the StazOn® will smear and bleed once stamped.



  1. Place the domino on a clean, protected surface, face down. Apply small drops of all 3 colors of ink, one at a time. Let the inks run together and do not blot. Let dry.
  2. Turn the stamp horizontally. Ink the stamp image and stamp the left side of the image onto the domino. Let the ink dry thoroughly.
  3. Place a tiny heart sticker to the center of the stamped butterfly. A tiny butterfly Dazzles™ below the larger stamped image. Place the word “believe” below the postage stamp.
  4. Place Dazzles™ borders around the top, bottom and sides of the domino.
  5. Glue the sun bail to the top front of the domino using Crystal Lacquer. Use the paintbrush to apply a thin coat of Lacquer to the entire domino and let dry for several hours before hanging from the satin cord.